General Policies

Grading will be based on classroom participation, assignments, projects, and tests.
  • Tests and projects: TBD
  • Quizzes:  TBD
  • Homework: TBD
  • Classwork: TBD
  • Participation: TBD
The student’s final grade will be based on overall total performance. This class uses ORA’s standard grading scale: 90%+ = A; 80%-89% = B; 70%-79% = C; 60%-69% = D; 0%-59% = E.

All persons in Mr. Hartzer’s classroom are expected to demonstrate:
  • Presence of mind: Participate in class, strive to do your best, and learn from mistakes.
  • Politeness and respect: Treat everyone as they wish to be treated.
  • Preparation and promptness: Be on time, and be ready to learn.
  • A focus on safety: Help create an environment where everyone can feel safe and focused on learning.
All students are expected to follow all rules and guidelines of ORA, pertaining to uniforms, detention, bullying, cell phones, food and drink in the classrooms, and other actions.

Attendance is a vital part of your success in school. It is important to be on time and on task as much as possible. However, some absences are inevitable. If you know ahead of time that you will be absent, make arrangements with me beforehand. In the case of illness, try to get notes for the missing work from another student. It is the student’s responsibility to make up missing work.

Policy violations will result in consequences at the teacher’s discretion, including but not limited to:
  • Loss of classwork credit
  • Contacting home
  • Academic referral for suspension or detention

You are expected to enter the room in an orderly way. Take your seat before the bell and start the opening exercise that is on the board. You are required to stay in your seat during the entire period unless you are given instructions to do otherwise. 

You are expected to participate in all discussions in an orderly fashion. Having good behavior and constructively participating in class contributes to your classwork grade, but more importantly, it allows everyone the chance to improve their understanding. 

I believe that any student who puts in sincere effort will be able to achieve a worthwhile grade.